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A note from Ruthie :)

IT'S HERE !!!!

...little dance around my desk - 

Borrowed Wings was launched on Amazon today. Woopeeeeee!!

Did I really write at the beginning of the year that I thought the launch date would be in March? Yep - queen of optimism I actually thought the editing process would be a few speedy months. Here we are in August - 5 months later, Let's just say it's been written and rewritten more than a few times and I think I'm finally proud to say it's ready.

If you enjoyed Skylark I think you'll enjoy Borrowed Wings - the sequel and final piece of the story. Love love love to hear your thoughts.

Reviewers - please use the contact form to request an e-copy for review.

Local Dunedin readers - do wait for the official launch party - September 10th. Invites to follow.

Have a great day wherever you are.

Ruthie xxx